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Tapping into the activist spirit of teens to end dating violence for good

Getting to the point

From there, Generation Zero was born—a straightforward, stat-driven campaign that gives teens the facts they demand while tapping into their activist spirits. It’s a call for a movement to end dating violence for good. Because if any generation is going to make 1 in 4, zero, it’s going to be Gen Z.

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Willow: Generation Zero landing page is an immersive online destination to raise awareness for and offer support to stop teen dating violence.
Posters for Willow Domestic Violence Center's Generation Zero campaign
Social posts for Willow Domestic Violence Center's Generation Zero campaign
PostersPosters were distributed to area schools and places where young people socialize to expose the staggering facts around teen dating violence.
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Creating tools that educate

To further establish empathy and awareness of the many forms of abuse that dating violence can manifest in, we’re also building a text simulation for Willow’s education program. Through the three-day experience, teens will date a faux-partner. They’ll learn about the many red flags of an abusive relationship, what abuse can “look like” and what it feels like to be in a relationship where a partner is trying to maintain power and control.

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