Still frame from Kodak's Press On campaign video

Kodak Press on with Tad Carpenter

Following the award-winning Press On campaign, Kodak wanted to expand to tell the stories of commercial printers all over the world. Video was the focus of this evolution and needed to avoid the talking heads and faceless product demos that litter the category. Our solution? A vlog-style travelogue hosted by a dynamic new face for Kodak, designer and illustrator Tad Carpenter.

View captionWebisode 1Germany: Sustainable Success
View captionWebisode 2San Antonio: Leadership & Purpose
View captionWebisode 3Kansas City + Houston: Print for Good
View captionWebisode 4Milan: Great News
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Around-the-world vlogging reignites 
b2b print

Re-empowering print

A believer in the power of print (and the perfect proxy for Kodak’s customer’s customers), Tad led us around the world, visiting commercial printers and documenting their stories of everyday innovation, sustainability, partnership, and success made possible with Kodak.

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Press On campaign on Kodak websiteWe collaborated with Kodak's internal team to deliver a new online experience for the Print Services DivisionView caption

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12x avg

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Double the average page views on print services division homepage on, and 7,500 video views among the niche B2B printing target 

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