Unlocking potential and turning dreams of homeownership into reality.

“Your Own Story” is a rallying cry for homeownership and a call to take pride in the journey to get there. Through honest storytelling, we’re addressing the most common barriers head on—minimum credit score, down payment requirements, and knowing where to even start. By making our message easily digestible and education-focused, we’re giving our audience the tools and confidence they need to start their own story.



Fannie Mae Your Own Story

Connecting with our audiences’ reality

Through beautiful illustration and animated narratives, our audience can feel connected to the internal realities of our storytellers—their challenges, and their drive to succeed while creating a simple, imaginative and hopeful world we want them to associate with their own homeownership journey. Choosing illustration proved to be serendipitous as production wasn’t impacted by the pandemic lockdown when location shooting was not possible.

"Where Do I Start?" :60Every story addresses a common homebuying barrier head on. “Where do I start?” addresses how overwhelming the homebuying process can be.
  • "Where Do I Start?" :60
  • Down payment :60
  • Credit score :60

All media leads to a homebuyer education website with easily consumable, gamified content.

This robust site takes users step by step, fact by fact, through the homebuying process. Starting with how to decide if you’re ready to buy through how to maintain a home once you buy it, there are quizzes along the way to provide a deeper level of engagement and help homebuyers feel excited by and invested in the skills they’re learning.

WebsiteA go-to, educational hub for our audience.
Fannie Mae Your Own Story
Leading with the facts, one at a timeFrom pre-roll to native to Facebook Instant Experiences, we led with the facts that would help our audience see that it is possible for them to own their own home.
  • Leading with the facts, one at a time
  • Instagram stories
  • Interactive Display
Giving our audience a go-to, educational hubAll campaign deliverables lead to the campaign site, an educational hub where users can get all the facts about and steps in buying a home, including quizzes and downloadable checklists.

Making education empowering

Through honest insights, we were able to develop meaningful creative that brings excitement, resources and motivation to an overwhelming process and help more people feel empowered to buy a home of their own—ultimately helping Fannie Mae to support more opportunities for homebuyers.


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