"What's your &?" Business :30
  • "What's your &?" Business :30
  • "What's your &?" Healthcare :30

Flipping The &

Most Bryant & Stratton students are working and going to college. They’re raising kids and studying. They’re coming from places where college isn’t a given and they’re still outperforming. All those “ands” aren’t weaknesses. They are sources of power that make our students stronger and more driven.

An integrated campaign that makes our students the heroes

So we created an integrated campaign that makes our students the heroes.
Strong female characters stand front-and-center against a projected backdrop illuminating their flowing spoken-word monologues, which define their goals by their “&s.” In high-impact tactics across video, out-of-home and social, striking visuals and strong voices evoke a sense of clarity and defiance. Everywhere they appear, our students challenge their peers who aren’t yet in school to step up, jump start their career and answer the question, “What’s your &?”

Bryant & Stratton College Social
Bryant & Stratton College Billboard
Bryant & Stratton College Billboard
50+ in-demand programs :15
  • 50+ in-demand programs :15
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Truth Collective really took the time to do the proper work upfront. We were very pleased with the final products and believe our video assets were unique in our sector and rather groundbreaking as a means to promote our College.”

Michael Vasko
Corporate Director of Marketing

Brand engagement is up while overall spending is down

Brand storytelling-led transformations like this are long term, creating business growth slowly and steadily over years. So far it’s been six months, but we like where we’re going:

Video views:

+ 37 M


+ 134 M

CTR benchmarks exceeded by:

300 %

Ready to make bold moves? So are we.