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Brand Identity marks by Truth Collective

Brand Identity No fake IDs here: Business growth starts with honest brand identity

What’s in a name? What’s in a logo? What’s in a brand identity? Brand identity is strategy by design. It’s that simple. It’s that hard. It’s why we love it.

If you think about the brand as the central organizing principle of business, it should guide everything you do. To develop a true brand identity, rigor needs to be brought in defining an honest strategy around what sets your brand apart. This brand strategy should be clear, compelling, and insightful. Actually, that’s mandatory.

A brand is a promise delivered

The role of a brand in the lives of consumers, customers and businesses is to deliver a promise—a consistent promise that is carried through every expression of the brand. Your brand identity needs to set cues for that promise. This is the grounding for our design process for honestly creative brand identity. Design rooted in strategy is essential to create the foundation for powerful, crafted visual identity systems that make your promise visible, distinctive, cohesive, memorable.

Take a peek at the brand identities and business fortunes we’ve shaped.

Capital One Spring brand identity designed by Truth CollectiveCapital OneSpring logo identity

Let’s build your business on a solid brand foundation.

Our ingenuity and rigor establish all the foundational elements required for solid visual and verbal identity systems. Then, we bring in your core teams to ensure that they have what’s needed to deliver that promise and apply its elements to the thousand and one touchpoints that connect brands to people.

Kink BMX brand identity designed by Truth CollectiveWe create flexible, yet disciplined systems that activate brands in today's multichannel marketing world. This example is taken from the KinkBMX identity development.

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