Tracey Miller Director of Finance & Human Resources/ Truth Leadership Council

Operations Raising three teenagers is nothing compared to this.

Let’s face it—There’s no two-paragraph bio that could do Tracey justice. While the rest of us work with pictures and words and spreadsheets and briefs, Tracey is the one who keeps this engine well-oiled. She is THE finance department and THE human resources department. She’s the payroll runner, the best benefits finder, recruiter, IT manager, snack stocker, birthday remember-er, checkbook balancer. But most importantly, Tracey is our sage. Her wisdom keeps us grounded and focused. She’s full of good stories (Ask this SoCal native about her first winter here.). And her heart is as big as this office—which she organized the big move into, BTW.

Simply put, we wouldn’t be so good at doing what we do if Tracey wasn’t here doing literally everything else. We’re pretty thankful her dream of becoming a veterinarian didn’t work out.


Passionate about

  • Football
  • Accuracy
  • Dessert