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Tracey Miller Director of Finance/ Truth Leadership Council

Tracey Miller

Operations How a former dancer became the ringleader of a creative circus.

Tracey went from dancing to taking pre-vet classes to graduating with a degree in theater administration. She moved from SoCal to Rochester and worked across various industries—even agriculture—until our paths finally crossed. But when they did, all we could ask ourselves was, “How the heck did we get anything done before Tracey?” She’s our Human Resources, Finance, and IT department, the yin and the yang. Whether we’re talking about balancing checkbooks or balancing our clients’ needs, this former dancer truly has this whole balance thing figured out.

Thanks to her problem-solving and organizational skills, she can fix issues before they even arise, so we can focus our energy on doing what we do best: making badass work for our clients. When she’s not at work keeping us on our toes, Tracey can be found at home, with her husband, their four freshwater-fish tanks, two cats, a puppy, and her three children … or better yet, traveling and relaxing. And we know nobody who deserves it more than our Tracey-of-all-trades.

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Passionate about

  • Football
  • Accuracy
  • Dessert