Ruth Rossi Art Director

Creative Urban design veteran seeks snowier WNY climes and new challenges.

It would take a really long ride on the number 2 train to get here from Brooklyn, but for Ruth, both Rochester and New York City are close at heart. Born and raised there but schooled up here at RIT, Ruth joined us after a great run at NYC agency Kettle, where she created solutions for clients like Kiehl’s, Sierra Mist, The New Museum, and YouTube. She was also part of the team that delivered the Pixel Award-winning iOS app for Mad Libs.

With experience ranging from digital media and branding to design and motion graphics, Ruth has professional cred well beyond her years, but can still find herself inspired by just about anything—and that’s inspiring us all at Truth. In her downtime, Ruth can be found running, nerding out on digital tips and tricks online, and reconnecting with her love of illustration while binging sci-fi on Netflix.


Tools of trade

  • Wacom tablet
  • MacBook Pro
  • A good music playlist