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Ruth Rossi Senior Visual Designer

Ruth Rossi

Creative Air plants, air squats, and art direction

She gets us out of our chairs and onto our feet to get our steps in—even if that means just going for a quick run to the bakery next door. She makes sure that our desk air plants get their weekly baths. And her art direction has been known to wow clients with every job. Yup, that’s Ruth for you.

Before this Brooklyn-native stumbled upon graphic design and advertising at RIT, Ruth had dreams of making traditional animation. However, she soon realized that the whole 24-frames-per-second ordeal was not for her. After graduating, she moved back to NYC to sharpen her design chops while working for clients like Kiehl’s, YouTube, MAC, and Sierra Mist. At Truth, her UX/UI design, illustration, and motion graphics skills have helped LensCrafters, Gunlocke, University of Rochester, Willow, and Capital One reach their marketing goals, all while winning accolades and capturing consumers’ hearts along the way. The best part of the job (according to her) is that no two days are the same—a bit like growing up in a household with four other siblings.

Aside from work, Ruth’s an accomplished runner, a cat momma to two a-meow-zing cats, and a self-proclaimed sci-fi geek.

Music notes

123 go!

  • Running shoes
  • A playlist to rock the run
  • Earbuds