Raghav Sikka Creative Group Supervisor

Creative Overcoming the tyranny of the blank page

First things first: Don’t fear the blank page. Putting a bunch of ideas on the page is a brave start. You don’t know where you’re going to end up—but it is this unpredictability that makes advertising so exciting.

Born in the good ole USA, raised in India, and studied at the Regent’s Business School in London, Raghav (or “Rad,” for short) started out as a copywriter at a small shop, working on international brands including Red Bull and Best Western. After winning a bunch of heavy metal, Wieden+Kennedy hired him. There, he cut his teeth on global brands such as Audi, Heineken and Nike. Rad wanted some U.S.-industry experience, so he headed to NYC, where he worked round-the-clock for large agency networks, including Havas and J. Walter Thompson, before freelancing for a few more. Now Rad is part of the Truth family and believes that independent, creative boutiques have real skin in the game – They’re more nimble, original and entrepreneurial by nature.

If he wasn’t in advertising and could be equally successful in another profession, he would choose to be an ESPN commentator. He enjoys watching football (yes, soccer), plays tennis and likes to box. ESPN should call him.

What thrills him

  • Cracking a big idea
  • The latest issue of Wired magazine
  • Really tall water slides