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Nue Chanthavongsay Photo Assassin

Nue Chanthavongsay

Content Ready to roll.

As the saying goes, “Give Nue a camera, and he’ll never be bored a day in his life.” While that may not be the exact wording of the idiom, or any idiom at all, it’s the truth. On any given day, you can find him running around the office testing out new ideas, capturing drone footage, or turning moments into meaningful brand content. Oh, or he’s asking people what kind of bread they like—his favorite warm-up question.

In those rare times Nue sets the camera down, he doesn’t stop making. He’s probably Photoshopping his personal “Fat Heads” photo series, experimenting with food in the kitchen, or plotting his next camera move. No matter what he’s doing though, one thing is for certain—creators never stop creating.


Favorite bread

  • Corn bread
  • Banana nut bread
  • Ciabatta