Molly Enright Senior Account Executive

Molly Enright

Account Consistently misusing the term literally and is okay with it. Literally.

Fresh from fast-paced New York City life, Molly seamlessly transitioned to her role at Truth the way she lands the dock on a pair of water skis. Her B-sides started with the care and craft she loyally delivers to her current account roster, including the likes of Luxottica, LensCrafters, and Capital One. Molly is a methodical messenger between the client and the agency, but she’s pretty hardcore, too. Don’t be surprised if you hear her jamming to some Truth tunes while coordinating client deliverables.

Nothing charges her battery more than building insights into creative ideas, being the empath, the agent that mounts a campaign platform seamlessly within the client framework. That is, unless she’s getting her rush hiking an Adirondack mountainside, shooting landscapes and portraits old school on rolls of T-MAX 400. And the wit behind that dry sense of humor? Maybe that’s why she’s so good at forging sustainable relationships. It’s enough to leave you thirsty for more.


Two truths and a lie

  • Is an excellent driver
  • Has a US-shaped birth mark
  • Is petrified of birds