Mike DiCaprio Director of Communications Planning

Mike DiCaprio

Strategy Helping brands and carnivorous plants live their best lives.

Mike has a unique talent in helping things thrive—whether that is the 363 carnivorous plants he keeps, the undergrad and grad students he teaches at Syracuse University, or clients’ businesses. His passion for uncovering new insights into why people make the decisions they do is critical in making sure we’re reaching audiences in just the right ways, at just the right times. From Campbell’s Soups and Pepperidge Farm, to Wrangler Jeans and AOL, to Fannie Mae and Pfizer, Mike has helped leading brands connect with consumers’ hearts and minds—especially the parts that drive decision-making. 

On top of all that, Mike is raising two kids and two dogs, breaking bread he made from scratch, and working on renovating an old Victorian house with his wife. Which leaves us wondering … has he uncovered the secret to creating more hours in a day?

Carnivorous plant

Favorite carnivorous plants:

  • Nepenthes hamata
  • Nepenthes edwardsiana
  • Nepenthes villosa