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Melissa Wade Project Leader

Melissa Wade

Account Enjoys long walks on the beach—and taking lots of notes

Melissa can admit they are obsessed with many things – horror films, true crime documentaries, long walks outdoors. But potentially their biggest obsession is the one they have about structure and organization – which might just be the best obsession for a project manager to have.

Before Melissa came to project management, the structure they had in mind was architecture. Melissa originally got their B.A. in architectural studies in their native Jamaica, but after their first job at an architecture firm, Melissa realized that they preferred project management and marketing.

A marketing degree and a few stints at various agencies later (including Precision Legal Marketing and General Code in Rochester), Melissa found a way to marry the two passions in a role at Truth as a project leader. When they’re not keeping our teams and projects on track and anticipating issues like a psychic, they are taking care of their cats and co-managing a run club.

As it turns out, Melissa applied to intern at Truth a couple of years ago but couldn’t accept at the time. So, clearly, it was always meant to be.

Other obsessions include:

  • Poker
  • Beach
  • Dancehall