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Matt McKeveny Associate Design Director

Matt McKeveny

Creative Adventurous by design

Matt likes to immerse himself in whatever he is doing—be it getting out in nature to camp with his family, finding his next home by driving cross-country with his wife, or designing award-winning brand work. To him, the process for getting to the outcome is as important as the outcome itself—and diving in deep is always the best method.

Matt is a Rochester boomerang, coming and going between adventures through New York City; Austin, Texas; and Portland, Oregon. This time, he’s bringing back two kids and experience working with household names like Adidas, Nike, Microsoft, and Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

In between working on moving the needle for brands and spending time out in nature with his fam, you can catch Matt shaping his record collection, mastering the kickflip, or jamming to some hip-hop. He’s also been known to DJ a few parties—maybe a new Truth offering?

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