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Lynette Xanders Director of Brand Strategy

Lynette Xanders

Strategy Part planner, part cheerleader, part spy, part brand guru, part nurturer – all Strategist

There are cool people. And there’s Lynette. She rides a Ducati, has traveled the world, and as one of the first strategists in the United States, spearheaded a whole field in advertising in North America. Decades into her career, she shows no signs of slowing down. What else would you expect from the Director of Brand Strategy at Truth?

There isn’t much Lynette hasn’t seen or done in the advertising world. Her journey in strategy has led her to work with some of the biggest global brands and agencies. From BBDO to Cole & Weber to adidas to Virgin to Amtrak — her client list reads like a Fortune 500 list. She’s guided by a wealth of experience, and even more so by her hunger for solving problems. With expertise in qualitative design, branding, and growth strategy, she thrives in the “space between what is and what could be.” The ethos behind her work is to never get daunted. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the better.

Lynette does her best thinking on the back of a horse or behind the handlebars of her motorcycle. She loves a good adventure and will take any opportunity to go on one. Whether it’s skiing on the slopes or helping new clients discover their identity, she’s always ready to explore.

Things that never fail to spark inspiration:

  • EDM
  • Gorgeous pen
  • Blank sheet of paper