Louis Wittig Creative Director

Creative Really appreciates that you’ve scrolled all the way down to the Ws.

The only thing Louis has ever had a hard time writing is his own bio. Headlines, commercials, content, strategy lines, positioning concepts, pitch decks, social posts, podcasts—actually he was just working on some of those. He’ll open the Google Doc now. But a bio? What is there to say?

Louis was born. Then he started his career in the creative department of a refrigeration supplies warehouse in Queens. After that, he wrote and wrote and wrote for some of America’s brightest brands, like Best Buy, Dos Equis, Pringles, and Marriott, at some of New York’s biggest ad agencies. His taste for big ideas that are both plainly true and completely unexpected has helped hotel rooms feel comfier and chips taste like fun.

Some other stuff happened: He ate a few baked potatoes, visited Canada, and accidentally broke a coffee mug. But mostly he just sat quietly at his kitchen table, hands folded, and wondered what he’d write in his bio.

Top three loves

  • Head over heels in
  • Labor of
  • Can’t buy me