Ken McVeagh Strategist

Strategy Loves the journey, including the band.

Whether he’s exploring the outdoors, or exploring emotion, for Ken, it really is about the journey.

After working for an education non-profit, Ken came to a fork in the road that led him to marketing strategy. He got his start at a direct mail agency before moving to Nielsen where he measured ratings and wrote surveys for British TV programming. His path eventually took him to Ogilvy in NYC where he worked on the IBM account as an engagement and brand planner. From building curriculum that taught social and emotional learning to mapping out the customer journey, Ken isn’t just a believer in the value of emotion, he knows its power. He approaches his work from the ethos that to understand anything fully, understanding the emotional side as much as the rational is mission critical.

Traversing the great outdoors, watching cheesy sci-fi movies and eating spicy food is what really makes him feel alive.

Atari Joystick

How to spend a Saturday

  • Enjoying nature
  • Playing video games
  • Movie marathons