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Kate Krumsieg Account Director

Kate Krumsieg

Account Knows the recipe for clear insights—and perfect cinnamon rolls.

Like when she’s baking, nothing satisfies Kate more than finding the right mix of ingredients to help clients’ businesses rise to the top. Her sweet spot? Identifying what makes brands special so they authentically stand out in the world.

Kate started her career in journalism—working at various news publications in upstate New York while honing her skills to be a clear and effective communicator. After moving to Tampa, Florida, she found her way to Home Shopping Network (HSN), managing its social strategy. Just before coming to Truth, she was at SPARK where she led the Visit Florida tourism account and Cricut account—and elevated the voices of nonprofits, like Truthshine.

Kate’s not all business all the time, though. In between batches of those cinnamon rolls, she loves tending to her collection of houseplants and fixing up her childhood home, where she now lives with her husband and two kids.

Houseplant in potIllustrated flowers

Fave houseplants:

  • Hoya carnosa
  • Baby Jade
  • Ric Rac cactus