Justyn Iannucci Art Director

Creative *Indiscernible hand gestures*

It’s frank. It’s alive. Busting walls, refusing to check boxes. Justyn Iannucci’s work is DIY with shades of Robert Longo and Milton Glaser, presenting a mirror and a medicine cabinet of the profoundly mundane.

Drool-worthy album art, gig posters, and the visual culture of music guided Justyn into the design world, where realizing vision in illustration became yet another way for him to talk with his hands. Grinding pencils. Sharpening skills. The process is never static, stale results never a danger. And the chop-chop deadlines of print publishers like Playboy, Fast Company, Complex, and CITY Newspaper spurred his grasp for knowing when a work is done well, not overdone.

Visual problem-solving for Justyn is wandering the shapeshifting architecture of his psyche, dipping into wells of genius, making marks of intuition on the surface all the while. Self-imposed limits and a minimalist approach help hoist unique solutions from the deep, and the resulting illustrations and graphics are illuminations of creatively conquered constraints. He’s not always in his head though. Eating pizza and figure drawing—probably at the same time—he’s out there somewhere…the tides of mind taking it all in.

Acceptable pizza toppings

  • Basil
  • Olives
  • Peppers