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Josh Coon Experience Director/ Truth Leadership Council

Josh Coon

Content Desperately wishes Superman was on Instagram.

The imagination of Josh Coon streams nonstop. Inspired by comics since he was kid, he’s never without a project sketchbook (or three) devoted to his art and illustration. At Truth, Josh’s natural curiosity and unique style of creating and telling stories motivate him to find what fuels people’s passions, combining digital and traditional forms of media, sparking new ways of engaging audiences and interacting with brands.

Before jumping into his role at Truth, Josh was setting fire to Sentry Safes and live-streaming proof that the products lived up to their promise, before social stunts became commonplace. He created and recorded more than 100 episodes of the Kodakery Podcast featuring interviews with world-famous imagemakers. On the analog front, he was editor and co-creator of Kodachrome magazine, a high-end industry pub devoted to art, film and photography. And for more than a decade, Josh taught at Rochester Institute of Technology, sharing his love of drawing, animation, illustration and making graphic novels with a new generation of makers.


Two truths and a lie

  • I keep bees.
  • I brew lemon basil beer.
  • I once collaborated with Spike Lee. (Okay, they’re all true.)