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John Roberts Chief Strategy Officer/ Founder

John Roberts

Leadership Did you know? In excess, it’s actually pronounced “stra-tee-jur-ee.”

As a planner, John’s job is to ask the smart questions, and you’ve got to ask a lot of  questions to find out which are actually the smart ones. He started life as an account man on both sides of the pond, but soon realized it was the strategic side that truly satisfied his curiosity, zeal, focus, and, frankly, inability to sit still. John ran his own planning and brand consultancy in the UK before being enticed back to the US and eventually founding Truth Collective with Bob and Jeremy.

Whether he’s leading a workshop, crafting a brief, or finding truths that spark big ideas, John is relentless in his passion for unearthing real human insights that can change brands’ futures. With more enthusiasm than ever for the challenges and fun of the business, John’s first loves are still his wife, twin boys, black lab, and keeping the blue flag flying high. Just don’t ask about the chickens.

Coffee#1 Dad

Three Words I Love

  • Why
  • Carefree
  • Dad