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Ian Maroney Creative Technologist

Ian Maroney

Creative Future (Mis)Chief of Technology.

As a boy, Ian dreamed of becoming a scientist (er, a mad scientist) one day. That’s because he always had a burning passion for breaking, making, innovating, and inventing. Which means our Creative Technologist is always trying to find a way to make our craziest projects work. And, if possible, seasoning them with extra bits of engagement. From researching to troubleshooting to coding, Ian is always exploring new ways to deliver the best digital experience possible to both clients and users.

Before joining Truth full time, Ian did a good bit of consulting for us and other businesses, including Source International Design, Thames & Hudson, and Rootstock Ciderworks. Now, he’s been part of the core team that’s brought best-in-class solutions to clients like Fannie Mae, LensCrafters, OneSight, Willow, and more. And his work doesn’t stop when he steps out of the office: from installing a new home security system to hanging vintage Halloween masks he finds on eBay, Ian’s always up to something. You know how the saying goes: Keep your code clean, and your house walls weird.

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