Harvey Maroney Professional Napper

Account “You got snacks?”

If Harvey could be any animal, he would be one of those seals who performs for people. Between all the snacks and the swimming, in Harvey’s eyes, seals have it made. But he’s the first one to admit, his life is pretty freaking good.

Here at Truth, Harvey is responsible for making first impressions the best impressions. While he takes his role very seriously, he has fun doing it and is always ready to get the party started—an energy that is certainly contagious. When asked what his favorite part of his job is, he couldn’t decide—although the office itself was definitely up there.

Whether he’s working a large crowd, turning strangers into friends, or being the bottom of a cuddle fest, Harvey’s love for life is matched only by his love for sneaking in naps under desks.


Currently fighting against

  • Things moving in the wind
  • Anything that tips over slowly
  • Being on the other side of a glass door