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Bob Bailey Chief Executive Officer/ Founder

Bob Bailey

Leadership Because someone’s got to do all the hard work while the creatives make pretty pictures.

Account guy. New business pitchman. Payer of bar tabs. ’80s rock aficionado. The Suit. Guilty as charged on all counts, but the label Bob would most like to be known by is driven, empathetic leader. As important as being a great marketer is, the most important job on his mind is making sure everyone at Truth has what they need to be extraordinary for our clients and one another. Bob would rather do a few things really well than try to be everything to everyone—and we bet our clients would agree.

Over a two-decades-and-counting career, Bob’s learned from and contributed to some of the best known brands in the world. He’s shared that expertise and passion with many local and national nonprofits—work that has been recognized with a Lantern Award from the Rochester Ad Council, “40 Under 40” honors, and a role as marketing chair of the SUNY Geneseo School of Business Advisory Council.

Large speakerLightning bolts

Fueled By

  • Early-morning workouts
  • Gratitude
  • Those concerts where you sing every word for 2+ hours