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Our Team The people that make us, us.

We’ve laughed together. We’ve cried together. We’ve set off the fire alarm from a haze machine together. The bonds among this team are pretty special—and invaluable. Because it’s this kind of chemistry that results in powerful, business-driving work.

We can summarize our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in three words: Reflect. Act. Repeat.

Systemic racism and the inequalities that exist in America impact everyone at Truth, both as a team and as individuals. We are committed to do our part to create better opportunities and experiences for all.

We value diversity, equity and inclusion. Reflecting on how we can turn that value into action, in both our workplace and the work we produce, is a regular part of our process.

Right now our team is participating in DEI learning and dialogue, and we’re improving our recruitment strategies so that we can expand our reach for more diversity. As we develop creative work, we’re making sure to include opportunities for all our creatives to produce diversity of thought, background and perspective at each step and filtering our final products through culturally responsible reviews. And when it comes to production, we’re improving the way we source vendors, to include more BIPOC and women-owned partners.

This is just the beginning, and we’re excited. As we grow, we’ll keep you updated.

Another thing we believe in is that if something is important, then you have to measure it. So we want to share with you where we stand on the following metrics:

Gender, Race & Ethnic Diversity (Total Company)

Female4A’s Industry Study63%
Truth Collective52%
Male4A’s Industry Study37%
Truth Collective45%
Non-Binary4A’s Industry StudyNot Reported
Truth Collective3%
Asian/Asian American4A’s Industry Study10.8%
Truth Collective3%
Black/African American4A’s Industry Study6.4%
Truth Collective14%
Hispanic/Latinx4A’s Industry Study9%
Truth Collective7%
Other4A’s Industry Study3.9%
Truth Collective0%
White/Caucasian4A’s Industry Study69.8%
Truth Collective76%

Leadership-Level Diversity

Female4A’s Industry StudyNot Reported
Truth Collective60%
Male4A’s Industry StudyNot Reported
Truth Collective40%
Asian/Asian American4A’s Industry Study6%
Truth Collective0%
Black/African American4A’s Industry Study1%
Truth Collective7%
Hispanic/Latinx4A’s Industry Study5%
Truth Collective0%
Other4A’s Industry Study2%
Truth Collective0%
White/Caucasian4A’s Industry Study86%
Truth Collective93%