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Our Team The people that make us, us.

We’ve laughed together. We’ve cried together. We’ve set off the fire alarm from a haze machine together. The bonds among this team are pretty special—and invaluable. Because it’s this kind of chemistry that results in powerful, business-driving work.

Being committed to honesty isn’t always pleasant.

As a company and individuals, we all contribute in some form to the systemic racism that exists in America.

We’re reflecting on what we need to do in order to live up to our values of equity and inclusion for all, both on our team and in our work. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to develop and share clear actions we’ll be taking to hold ourselves accountable.

Another truth we live by is that if it’s important, you have to measure it. So we want to share with you where we stand compared to our industry.

Gender, Race & Ethnic Diversity (Total Company)

Female4A’s Industry Study41%
Truth Collective54%
Male4A’s Industry Study59%
Truth Collective46%
Asian/Asian American4A’s Industry Study11%
Truth Collective4%
Black/African American4A’s Industry Study6%
Truth Collective4%
Hispanic/Latinx4A’s Industry Study9%
Truth Collective8%
Other4A’s Industry Study4%
Truth Collective0%
White/Caucasian4A’s Industry Study71%
Truth Collective83%

Leadership-Level Diversity

Female4A’s Industry StudyNot Reported
Truth Collective43%
Male4A’s Industry StudyNot Reported
Truth Collective57%
Asian/Asian American4A’s Industry Study6%
Truth Collective0%
Black/African American4A’s Industry Study1%
Truth Collective0%
Hispanic/Latinx4A’s Industry Study5%
Truth Collective0%
Other4A’s Industry Study2%
Truth Collective0%
White/Caucasian4A’s Industry Study86%
Truth Collective100%