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Truth Snags Silver MM&M Award for ASCO “Optometry Gives Me Life” Campaign

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveDec 1, 2022

Truth Snags Silver MM&M Award for ASCO “Optometry Gives Me Life” Campaign

The MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media) Awards is one of the most prestigious shows for recognizing the most creative and effective healthcare marketing and media in the industry. We’re proud to announce that we snagged a Silver award in the Corporate Branding category for our “Optometry Gives Me Life” campaign with the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry. 

When the campaign started four years ago, our task was to reverse a declining optometry school application trend or there could be an industry crisis due to a shortage of optometrists.

By addressing lack of awareness as well as misconceptions about what a doctor of optometry is, this campaign positions optometry as a career that energizes, excites, and fulfills those who pursue it.

Because our Gen Z audience craves real perspectives, we brought it to life through five real doctors’ stories, each with unique lives outside of work and interesting ways of practicing optometry. By treating this like a lifestyle campaign, we drove home the point that this is a life choice as much as it is a career choice.

In a world of sterile, sea-of-sameness healthcare recruitment ads, Optometry Gives Me Life is a standout that has helped reverse the downturn in applications to positive numbers for the past three years. 

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