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Truth Collective Wins Silver from Graphis Design Annual 2018

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveOct 9, 2017

Truth Collective's work for Tibor Nemeth

Showcasing graphic and visual talent from around the world since 1944, Graphis Magazine is an emblem of extraordinary creative work. Truth Collective is proud to announce Senior Art Director Pete Simpson and Copywriter Alyssa Davis are Silver winners of the Graphis Design Annual 2018 for their outstanding work on the Tibor Nemeth Photography dual-sided magazine, Human Being/Being Human. Elevating Tibor Nemeth’s craft in capturing the human condition, the magazine juxtaposes contrasting imagery that ultimately resonates as analogous in nature. Human nature, to be exact.

Using core elements of humanity like “Opening our hearts,” or, “Feeling connected to ourselves, to each other,” Alyssa wrote captions to articulate the breadth of capacity in Nemeth’s vision, whether “across the street” or “across the ocean,” in-studio or on location. “The core resonance of Tibor’s work,” explains Pete, “is that no matter who or where they are, people are people. We wanted people to remember that, so the work had to stand out and stay on the desk instead of being filed away with other mundane things. It needed to be handy and playful, not just flick! and you’re through.”

Congratulations on fine work, Pete and Alyssa. We can’t wait to see how you two follow this up!

The dynamism in flipping from Human Being to Being Human isn’t just physically successful. It’s performing well for Tibor Nemeth Photography too. Learn more about the full Tibor Nemeth Photography case.