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Truth Collective Launches New Business Growth Consulting Practice

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveMay 19, 2021

Honestly inspired business strategy

Local Agency Expands Offering with Goal of Creating New Jobs in Rochester Area

Rochester, New York – (May 19, 2021) – Truth Collective, one honestly creative company, today announced the launch of its Business Growth Consulting Practice. This new offering allows Truth Collective to help companies establish or refine their corporate and brand strategies and create action plans to operationalize these changes across teams, ultimately leading them on a path toward greater profitability and organizational power. Bob Bailey, CEO of Truth Collective, will lead the practice.

“Now that 2020 has come to an end and we’re nearing the end of the pandemic, the time for ‘tweaking your business’ is over,” said Bailey. “Leaders are looking for more significant, lasting change to take place in their organizations after having made shifts in how they operate to cope with the pandemic.”

Truth Collective has always been a “first call” when clients are facing tough problems (or big opportunities) and has built a business off of finding viable solutions for them. This new Business Growth Consulting Practice takes their problem-solving capabilities one step further, helping clients with broader business issues that may not otherwise involve their marketing strategies.

When Truth Collective set out to create this new offering, they quickly saw an open space in the market: businesses with about $50 million to $500 million in annual revenue. These organizations have many needs that are often too small to receive value from the big accounting and consulting firms and too large for an individual specialist. Knowing the strategy space inside and out, whether it be for marketing or the business as a whole, Truth Collective launched the practice to address all of the tough problems businesses face.

When a new client comes on board, Truth Collective ensures the company is aligned in corporate strategy. This means, taking a deeper look at how they are expressing the purpose behind their brand, what actions they are taking and how they align with strategy and whether or not the leaders in place are equipped to move through behavioral barriers to create lasting change. Not only that, Truth Collective is also uniquely positioned to conduct data analyses and modeling in an effort to produce better targeted strategic initiatives and go-to-market plans. Finally, Truth Collective works directly with individual executives, helping them break through barriers (both internally and externally) to unleash their full potential.

On a more micro level, Truth Collective also helps clients take advantage of growth opportunities, including diving deep into go-to-market plans, helping with product innovations, and determining new offerings that benefits the consumer. The outcome of all of these services is a business that is unstoppable, poised to grow in a healthy way across all disciplines.

“Having worked with a number of clients across many industries, our team understands the need for a strong strategy, business planning, operational execution and messaging that works for the company both inside and out,” said Bailey. “Our team was literally built for partnering with brands at this level – it’s what brings us joy – and it’s the reason we’re normally the first call a company makes when they have a problem to solve.”

Truth Collective’s Business Growth Consulting Practice will launch with two clients that have already been onboarded by the agency. The capability is available to current clients, but can also be a stand-alone offering to new clients who are only looking for this type of work. The practice offerings are delivered by six senior strategists working across corporate, brand, data science and behavioral strategy. Truth Collective intends to actively hire for senior-level positions in the coming months as soon as commitments require.

About Truth Collective

Truth Collective is one honestly creative company that believes in crafting great brand stories, big business growth ideas and above all, the truths that make an impact. Founded in 2013 with a different vision from traditional agencies, Truth Collective set out to work in a way that makes sense for brand clients – project-based, with a focus on truthfulness and improving the brand’s bottom line. Because of this, Truth Collective has been incredibly successful, working with clients on creative storytelling and strategy, including well-known brands such as LensCrafters, Unilever, Fannie Mae, Capital One, Luxottica and more. Since its founding date, Truth Collective’s work has been nationally recognized and applauded for its creativity, purpose and overall results. For more information, please visit