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The Meta-Trends Shaping 2021

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveApr 14, 2021

The Meta-trends Shaping 2021

As 2021 picks up steam, it looks to be another monumental year with the world returning not to normal but to something new. While it might be foolish to try to predict what will happen next, our strategy team has been looking at some of the trends that will help shape where we go from here. 

Download the Meta-Trends 2021 report now and see how we navigate a period of accelerated change as we all recalibrate what “normal” means for work and our mental health, and the new balance we seek in our professional lives. 

Reality is also changing with Augmented Reality, bringing brand interactions to a new level. Virtual Reality is transporting people into new worlds. How we interact with reality and escape from it is changing. 

Consumer expectations for brands are also changing. Brands can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. Consumers expect them to stand for something that aligns with their values. 

These are just some of the Meta-Trends that are shaping what becomes not our new normal but the next one.  


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