Rochester Chamber Top 100: Truth Collective Places 26th


Truth Collective Truth CollectiveNov 1, 2017

placeholderTruth Collective leadership team

We’re proud to announce that with our first three years of skin in the game, we placed 26th in the Rochester Chamber Top 100—a program recognizing the fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the region. Ranked by revenue growth over the three-year period in dollar and percentage increases, Top 100 businesses are also valued by community investment and the role we play in the local economy.

This is a phenomenal opportunity to recognize the Truth Collective team. If you get to know our staff, it’s immediately clear why this is their achievement.

Emerging as the leading marketing agency of Top 100 companies in our first application is proof-positive that we have a healthy, thriving business outpacing a variety of economic indicators for optimal performance. Our agency culture and environment are entirely determined by our people, and we’re grateful to have every one of our staff shaping Truth Collective. When we branded ourselves, we chose to leave our names and egos out, knowing the moment we made it about the leaders is the same moment we cap our potential.

Next year, we want to be in the top 10. Minimum. Our team (which has since doubled in size), our values, and our product has created a deep level of client engagement with significant demand for our offerings. We value business growth as a key measure because we hire professionals that are driven and growth-oriented themselves. The only way for a team like ours to flourish is to continually create new opportunities for them to sink their teeth in, be vulnerable, and—with dedication to each other and extraordinary results—keep setting the bar higher.