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Tim Cawley—Documenting Disruption

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveSeason Episode 6Dec 8, 2020

Tim Cawley—Documenting Disruption

In this week’s episode, we’re getting disruptive! Through the documentary makeSHIFT and its director, Tim Cawley – filmmaker, advertising veteran, big thinker, and problem solver – we get to go back in time to experience the metamorphosis of advertising in the time of the internet. Of course, it changed the world, but it also completely blew up the playbook for brands and the industry that brings them to the world. Join us as we learn why it’s now morph or die!

Key Take Aways: 

  • Subservient Chicken was only the beginning
  • If you’re not thinking about it now, you’re six months behind
  • It’s the “new” Wild West and only the people who are comfortable in chaos are going to survive
  • It has to be entertainment or they will tune you out