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An Open Letter to Business Leaders

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveJan 7, 2021

We need to talk.

Your ads might be just fine.

That’s not something you hear often from your marketing services firm. Doesn’t it feel refreshing when a company drops the sales routine and just tells you the truth?

Want some more?

It probably makes sense to have an internal creative team and a band of freelancers at your side.

If you’re continually flooding every platform for impressions just to keep a few customers, there’s something deeper at play.

You deserve to have your creative partner’s trust. And they deserve yours. From day one.

A real insight is simpler than you think. But it’s also rarer.

A creative idea can be anything as long as it’s emotional.

You deserve this honesty. Deep down you already know these statements to be true. You know the truth about your business, your brand, your product or service. Maybe it’s front and center, or maybe it’s buried under some stuff. But it’s there, and you know that it should be at the center of what you do.

Look, we’re not here to assume that all you’ve been doing is wrong and that we are the complete and only answer. That would be bullshit.

But the truth is that even the highest-performing companies and organizations can get off track in some way. Even the best will wonder from time to time: Are my people really with me? Do my customers still really need me? Do I really know them? Am I missing out on opportunities?

You can keep wondering about all your stuff. Or, we could talk about it together.

We’re not here to sell you an ad campaign, or more media, or to conduct endless, needless research. We’re here to truly understand your business, and to bring a perspective to it that you just might need so that you can find creative opportunities that are much bigger than what you usually think of as “creative.”

That’s what makes us Truth Collective: one honestly creative company.

And we’re at your service,
John, Bob, Jeremy