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One Honestly Creative Company

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveMar 2, 2021

John: So there’s an absolute clarity and simplicity in one honestly, creative company.
[music starts]

Bob: I think honestly creative thinking or honestly creative ideas, I think you got to start by just being really honest with one another and the people who we’re doing the work with and the people that were doing the work for.

John: That’s what I love about transparency, honesty, truth. Lets just this call it what it is. You need help. You’ve come to us. We want to help you. We want to come to you. So let’s figure out what help do you need and how are we going to be successful together? That’s refreshing.

Bob: Everybody has a challenge, right? Everybody’s concerned about something. And so rather than wonder, I think if we’re going to figure it out miraculously on our own, why not just hash that stuff out from the get-go? Any organization has issues. The sooner we can understand that stuff and the sooner we can just be honest about that stuff right at that table, the better off we’re going to be. I mean, that earns our trust.

Jeremy: But now with the one honest creative company, I think that we’re even stripping ourselves bear a little bit further and really focusing on what gets our own creative juices going in the realms of storytelling and business growth consulting. We’ll come to a conclusion that we might not add value for certain assignments that come across our desks or certain RFPs. But ultimately what we’ll have to gain is that we are in and of ourselves and our extended team gets more joy out of what we’re doing.

Bob: I feel like we’re going to be our most engaged ever. As owners, as a leadership team, as creative teams, we’re going to collectively raise the bar. I think that’s going to do really good things for everybody. And so I think the people who care deeply about the insights, the like to think expansively. They like to look at new creative approaches to solving their challenges and they value the people that are doing the work with them. And so I think the people who care about those three things, they get the best from us. It sets the bar there. And I’m excited about that. We don’t have to pretend to be anything. We can just be ourselves.