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Leading Our Best Version of Truth

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveFeb 11, 2020

Truth Collective Leadership Council

This past fall, Truth Collective established its first Leadership Council to guide the creative company toward achieving its ambitious goals.

“What makes this new structure unique is that to be on the Leadership Council, you have full accountability for an entire agency function. These are not ceremonial appointments based on seniority or title; they are true measures of their ability to set company-level goals and translate them into actions for their teams,” said Bob Bailey, CEO and founding partner.

Say hello to the members of Truth Collective’s staff who stepped into new management roles:

Karrie Gurnow, Creative Director

“One of my very first gigs as a freelancer was with a budding agency called Truth Collective. It was actually at a campsite in Yosemite where I sat and sketched ideas for one of Truth’s first clients. I’m not surprised to find myself still here 6 years later. The creative opportunity was a no-brainer. But I am thrilled and amazed at the growth, talent and hustle this team has managed to inspire in such short time. It’s an honor to be a driving force behind it.”

Tracey Miller, Director of Finance and HR

“I was hired 6 months after Truth launched. I knew right away that the interview I had with the partners was the last one I’d ever need to do in my professional career. Sitting at the table with the most articulate, thoughtful and inspiring people I’ve ever met has been a “pinch me, this can’t be real” experience. The work I do is what I am wired for. Aligning with a mission statement that’s more than a captioned poster on the wall is the next level for me. Bosses who truly see me and support me is the cherry on top. I always wanted to be on the ground floor of a startup but never imagined it would be like riding a rocket ship. I definitely didn’t know I’d have a seat in the mission-control room, but I’ve never been more ready for the challenge.”

Josh Coon, Director of Experiences

“I was first introduced to the talented team at Truth Collective from the client side, at both SentrySafe and Kodak. Now, as a member of the Truth team, I feel honored and excited to drive new, innovative brand experiences and create content opportunities for ourselves and our clients.”

Jennifer Piper, Director of Client Services

“As the director of client services, my role is to make sure our clients and our people are happy. This could be by helping a client solve a really hard problem or teaching someone on my team something new. Being there for people is what I do best. And I’m so fortunate that I get to do this on a daily basis alongside the amazingly talented leadership team at Truth.”

Bob Bailey continued, “This is the team that the agency needs to ensure we stay deeply connected to the needs of our talent, our clients and the expansive creative opportunities that exist to tell stories truthfully. Please join us in a heartfelt congratulations.”