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Honest Strategy

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveMar 2, 2021

John: Honestly creative work has to start with an honest approach about what is strategy.

Strategy is too often what I call a wallow pit. Everyone throws everything in, and it becomes this melting pot of nothing. And for me, for us, what really is the truth in an honest creative strategy is an informed belief of how to thrive. Informed because it’s based on truth and fact. Belief because collectively it’s still an opinion about what will make us successful. And that’s what we care about. How do we find ways to help people thrive?

Bob: I love it when we really believe in what a client stands for, whether it’s them individually or their brand, and getting to that level of understanding and clarity from the get-go, or part of the briefing, mattes because there shouldn’t really be disconnects there. You can’t outsource the brand soul. The client has to be involved. There’s something there because it truly is. It takes both of us to succeed in this way. We can’t possibly know more than they know about their business.

John: The fundamental flaw in strategy is where people think it’s basically doing the same thing, but slightly differently. And to do that, then we have to take on that element of shared risk. With the client, how can we actually help them achieve something greater? Like you were talking about the role of ambition to deliver far better and greater than before.

Jeremy: When we have those discussions where you know, the best strategy isn’t about risk aversion or minimizing risks, but more about maximizing opportunity.

John: You listen.

Jeremy: Yeah, I do. Every once in a while.