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Honest Relationships

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveMar 2, 2021

Bob: We have to trust one another. I think believing in one another is really important too.
[music starts]

John: Is trust a given?

Bob: I don’t know if trust is a given, but I think trust should be extended fast. I don’t think trust should be withheld because I think human beings creating ideas for human beings, you need to feel like you’re trusted in order to really explore things that are unsure. If you feel like you’re untrusted, then you’re going to lead to like second guessing, self-editing stuff. And I think you’re going to limit the very thinking that our clients want us to come to the table with if we’re not trusted. So, I think it matters. Trust fast

Jeremy: You know, when those relationships are vetted properly from the very beginning where it’s not based on a land grab for fee, for budget, to keep our own operations going or fill our own bandwidth, that just means that there’s just ultimately going to be more trust, more productivity. There’s a true value exchange, going both ways.

John: Clients look for new agencies because of a breakdown in the relationship. And that relationship has come, I think the breakdown comes over time, stale, not actually having the A-team, not having people that genuinely care on a consistent basis, but also in terms of “Are they my kind of people”? Our values as a brand will percolate through every single one of us, and quite frankly, in the relationships we want with our clients. That brutal clarity of truth and absolute honesty. Ambition, being driven to achieve more. Energy, making sure that what we do is we’re adding to the collective in terms of what we’re doing, but really, really held together by this notion of generosity. This is not about us and ego. This is about collectively working together to achieve a better goal.