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Honest Creative

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveMar 2, 2021

Bob: Honestly, creative work requires a really high level of creative energy.
[music starts]

John: The work that drives results is amazingly creative work. It’s proven time and time again. The most creatively awarded work typically has an 11 times ROI if you want to bring in the business impact, and that’s why creativity matters.

Bob: The creativity and the creative product that comes from an agency. I firmly believe that a lot of it is determined by the client themselves for better or for worse. Those pieces of work, those campaigns that really did something significant for the client. Those clients have something in common. They have common traits about them, and a lot of them trust in the relationship.

John: We have a sign that says, “Pursue the Extraordinary”. That’s who we’re for. The people at Truth and client-side and our partners who have a quest, the pursuit of the extra ordinary. That going further than before to achieve greater than before. That’s the ambition that I adore, admire, and I want to be a part of.

Jeremy: When you see an idea, a true idea in its infancy, it immediately evokes an emotional reaction or a visceral reaction where all of a sudden, I think it starts building on itself. You can start seeing iterations of that idea in countless ways. You can start seeing light bulbs going up all around the room where people want to start adding onto that idea. That’s when you know, you’ve struck a chord, that there is something brighter than it just being a really cool execution that might be a one-off. Ideas build on themselves.