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Gold District 2 ADDY for The Band of WeatherFrom Misfits

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveApr 13, 2017

WeatherFrom District 2 ADDYs results

If you spend any time speaking with us at Truth Collective, you may hear us refer to ourselves as a creative company instead of an advertising agency. Well, one reason for making that distinction is our desire to develop projects beyond marketing communications.

The first of those projects to be in market was Last summer we joined Executive Producer and Co-Founder Barry Sonders’ team to enhance this website delivering entertainment content based on viewers’ true weather forecast from one character to a multi-character content experience. As a minority owner of the property along with Barry’s company Thank You for Lunch and some significant Hollywood production companies, we got involved with positioning the platform, redesigning the user experience and interface, and assisted in some of the characters’ video content art direction and production.

WeatherFrom has accumulated both laughs and views on the website as well as its social channels including Facebook and YouTube. It must have got a few chuckles from the New York City judging panel of the District 2 American Advertising Awards as well, because we just learned that WeatherFrom was awarded a 2017 Gold District 2 ADDY. No small feat given that the District 2 competition is comprised of all the winning work from some major Eastern markets, including New York City/Brooklyn (yeah, there’s a few players there doing some interesting stuff), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

We’re excited to see how this entertainment content fares as it moves onto the American Advertising Federation’s national level of ADDY competition. 2017 National ADDY winners will be announced in June in New Orleans at AAF’s National Conference. Godspeed weirdos.

Congratulations to all the other RAF members that won at the district level as well.