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The Wonders and Wanders of Web3

Loren Marowski Loren MarowskiSeason 4Episode 4Nov 2, 2022

The Wonders and Wanders of Web3

Web3. What is it? Why does it matter? How do you navigate it? And how is it changing the way brands and planners work? The internet is evolving, which has us asking these questions and so many more. Good thing we were joined in this episode by Brian Piper, director of content strategy and assessment at University of Rochester, Allison Chen, independent consultant and visual designer, Josh Coon, director of experience at Truth Collective, and of course, John Roberts, chief strategy officer at Truth Collective to help guide us through the next frontier of digital space and what it means for small agencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • What Web3 has to offer brands and vice versa
  • The critical difference between audience and community
  • How to get clients into Web3 — and the real questions they should be asking themselves
  • Why utility value and generosity will succeed
  • How long-term solutions and impact on a larger scale are the future for brands in Web3