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Stephanie Stuckey—Talking Leadership and Legacy with the CEO of the American Road Trip

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveSeason 2Episode 3Sep 27, 2021

Higher Order Podcast - S2 E3

We’re ending summer with an American road trip classic, Stuckey’s! CEO, and granddaughter of the founder, Stephanie Stuckey takes us down memory lane and into the future as she brings the Stuckey’s brand back into family hands and into the next generation. Join us as we pump up REM, bust out the pecan log, and share stories old and new to get us revved up for this brand’s reboot.

Key Take Aways:

  • Every traveler is a friend, both on the road and in business
  • Leadership can take many forms, but you don’t have to be a jerk to make it work
  • How to make the road trip cool again – Hint: Social media plays a big role
  • Bringing the values of yesteryear into the world of today one memory-making journey at a time