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Hot Takes and Great Debates on StratFest ‘22

Loren Marowski Loren MarowskiSeason 4Episode 1Sep 20, 2022

Hot Takes and Great Debates on StratFest ‘22

We’re back with Season 4 of Planner Parley and we are kicking it off, as always, with StratFest! This year, purposeful work took center stage. So did the debate over how strategists can help shepherd brands and clients to making a difference – and whether or not they should.

Join Steve Kozel, senior vice president of strategy, media, and marketing technology at OBP, Sara Macfarlane, principal at Sara Macfarlane Consulting, and of course, John Roberts, chief strategy officer at Truth Collective, as they unpack two days of strat-mazing material and break down what it means for small agencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why strategists want to do meaningful work and the challenges they face
  • Are principles a luxury in our business?
  • Should we be catering to unique audiences when everyone is unique?
  • The ways in which we can be like Ryan Reynolds without needing to be Ryan Reynolds
  • Bystander, accomplice or  steward – the honest choices we help our clients make