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StratFest 2021: A Review of the Day and Why the Old Ways Will Win in the “New Normal”

Truth Collective Truth CollectiveSeason 3Episode 1Sep 23, 2021

Planner Parley Podcast S3 E1

It’s Season 3 of Planner Parley and you know what that means: StratFest! Our team was there in full force to look at strategy from every angle, be it our humanity, our plurality, or our place in moving society forward. Join Steve Kozel, VP and director of strategy at OBP, Stefanie Zawack, senior strategic planner at Marcus Thomas, LLC, and John Roberts, chief strategy officer at Truth Collective as they recap what this year’s festival brought, taught, and challenged, and what it means for small agencies.

Key Take Aways:

  • Data + creativity – how expansive we can be as strategists
  • Fostering cross-skill expectations – the act of asking “What If?”
  • The Great Resignation – branding the broken agency legacy models
  • The strategist’s overlooked role – how to bring your client along

Stratfest Topics:

  • Why Does the Pedlar Sing?
  • The Potential of Our Plurality: The Strategist’s Role in Moving Society Forward Through the Covid-19 Pandemic and Onward
  • From Billions of Tweets to Six Key Trends: Helping Brands to Connect with What MattersStrategy in the Era of Earthquakes?
  • The Epidemiology of Ideas
  • Measurement Strategy In a Cross Screen World
  • Data + Creativity: The Strategy Behind Finding A Winning Equation
  • The Great Resignation: The Growing Importance of Strategy Talent

Why does the pedlar sing by Paul Feldwick
20 minute talk w/ Lindsay Slaby
Josh Baze | @bazejosh
Data+Creativity—Andrea Cook