Senior Copywriter

Hey, Senior Copywriters

A senior copywriter isn’t just a fancy title here—You gotta have the writing chops and critical-thinking skills to back it up. You’ll spend a lot of time getting into the weeds. But you’ll also create, from scratch, provocative, emotionally charged ideas that solve biz problems. You can self-edit, present-to-sell, and write from the heart, the funny bone, the brain or the jugular. Oh, and we know you probs have your own writing style, but you know when to put that aside and adapt to the voices of the brands we work for. Lastly, you don’t need to have a big personality here, but definitely a big heart.

Here are a few of our must-haves:

  • Lead core and collective project teams to create marketing concepts and executions across all prescribed media channels
  • Create, edit and proofread copy and digital content across a wide variety of media, including advertising, emails, social media, editorial and websites
  • Craft internal, public relations and agency promotional materials
  • Present work both internally and externally to clients
  • Ensure on-time, high-quality completion of deliverables
  • Monitor and maintain quality throughout work by mentoring copywriters
  • Produce error-free content that adheres to the client and agency’s style guidelines
  • Act as liaison with creative teams and other departments for continuity and efficiency
  • Present project outcomes and play a key role in client-facing presentations

Truth Collective is an equal-opportunity employer. We fully and wholeheartedly embrace a diverse, inclusive and welcoming office environment and culture for all.