Content Strategist

We’re looking for a Content Marketing MacGyver to join our team. We need a creative, resourceful strategist with a keen understanding of content marketing from strategy through execution. If you’re just as comfortable planning as you are rolling up your sleeves and making, then we need to talk. We’re solving hard problems for big brands every day by working hand in hand with other marketing badasses in creative and production. If this sounds exciting, then grab your bubble gum, paper clips and bungee cords, and let’s diffuse some bombs for our clients.

Here are a few of our must-haves:

  • Creates marketing content initiatives for both the Truth Collective brand and client brands across platforms and formats to drive engagement.
  • Demonstrates expertise in channel optimization, brand consistency, targeting and meaningful measurement.
  • Contributes to the content strategy to inform creative ideation or production methodologies, maximizing quality and quantity of content created for clients.
  • Actively contributes to creative ideation, working closely with Creative Directors and account leaders.
  • Collaborates with all agency departments to define and implement brand narratives across channels.
  • Inspires agency teams to “think like a publisher/journalist” for brand stories using brainstorming sessions, team meetings and other strategic tools.
  • Participates in content teams by content strategizing, writing and producing.
  • Contributes to content-centric productions and any supporting production partners.
  • Participates in client-facing presentations.
  • Plays primary content marketing leadership role in client relationships.
  • Develops internal inspirational opportunities for teams to understand content best practices.

Truth Collective is an equal-opportunity employer. We fully and wholeheartedly embrace a diverse, inclusive and welcoming office environment and culture for all.