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Stealth mode creativity and secret keeping.

We’ve improved the performance of teams, businesses and brands since our inception in 2013.

Much of the deep-thinking work we do with our clients never goes public in its native form and can’t be discussed outside of those circles. When you let us into your world, we get it.

It eventually sees the light of day months later in the form of new products and services, new businesses and significant corporate repositionings. The consulting recommendations we provide are intentionally “execution agnostic.” Sometimes we continue on and do the creative storytelling work, and sometimes we transition it to other teams. It’s all good when it’s what’s best for you.

Business Services Here are some of our “greatest hits”

Client Summary | Consumer Packaging Goods

When a global CPG industry leader felt that the competition in their niche was getting a bit too close for comfort, we were invited to the table. From that moment, we went from months of internal opinions and first-pasture product development to a short list of commercially viable, consumer-informed product ideas in weeks. Our work may be invisible, but the new product is delicious.

Client Summary | Fitness Science

Sometimes a monolith gives way to a persistent internal champion. When that happens with the right team, you go from a rough idea on a 10 year old PowerPoint slide to the reality of a new service offering. With a visionary and engaged client, our team developed the market feasibility study, the business model, the pro forma business plan and the operational process. And yes, we led the positioning and go-to-market brand communications

Client Summary | Finance Giant

What happens when a consumer household name decides to make a play into small business? Not much at first, until fresh insights are unearthed and a clear positioning is developed. That’s the work we did over the course of a few strategic projects. This led to a new flagship product offering in the corporate portfolio, and a newly found business advantage for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Client Summary | Human Biology & Health

We were making science cool well before you ever heard of Dr Fauci. There is no shortage of VC-funded companies with the brainpower to change the world. But it gets really interesting when they have both the brains and the desire to be a household name. Truth partnered with the C-Suite to develop an ownable positioning and a provocative go-to-market platform. The day after we made our recommendations, they went before Congress to make the case for policy reform, and the company has progressed to its final funding stage.

Client Summary | Sporting Goods & Apparel

New product launches are intended to keep the business growing and momentum humming, right? That wasn’t the case when this client consistently missed critical deadlines, pushing launches that resulted in lost business. Truth’s solution partnered with client leaders to restructure product development and commercialization processes while increasing accountability for outcomes. With a higher standard in place, the innovative products launched on time, resulting in increased sales and profitability.

Client Summary | Consumer Electronics

Sometimes the “flagship products” are only flagship in name. In this business, the “flagship” portfolio was not profitable. Kinda takes the veneer off the term, doesn’t it? The Truth solution went outside the walls and deep into consumer insights. We leveraged the voice of the consumer to reset corporate priorities, restructure budgets, and renegotiate with suppliers to ensure that it all made sense. Finally, we redesigned the global go-to-market strategy and regional commercialization plans. Today, corporate targets are consistently beaten in terms of portfolio profitability, capital expenses and inventory levels.

Client Summary | Manufacturing Innovator

When legacy household names need to pivot, they create skunkworks teams to work outside the bounds of the mother ship. We were tapped to position the technology of a strategic acquisition to be a competitive differentiator for our client. And together, with an agile approach, we delivered a tested consumer strategy and brand story to help the client move from the kitchen counter to an AI-led future.

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